Mary Wuebben Wellness now offers telemedicine services through a service called Doxy.Me.  (Please click on the link for more extensive patient user guides).  This videoconferencing service is designed with medical consults in mind and are HIPAA compliant.  This services is primarily for follow up consultations with established patients, however, we are HAPPY to meet with new patients as well for an initial consult to discuss your current needs and health care goals going forward. does not require that patients download any software.  It can be used from any most computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone. 

Here's how it works:

  1.  Patient contacts office to schedule consult. (605) 271-1020.
  2.  Appointment is booked:  Patient provides email address or phone number in which the telehealth invitation can be sent to.
  3. Day of Appointment: the front desk will call at least two hours prior to the appointment to confirm and gather updated payment and demographic information.  They will also inform you that you will receive a link via email or text (please tell them which you prefer) at the time of the appointment.
  4. Time of Appointment: The nurse will call at the scheduled time of the appointment and gather the most recent vital signs, medications, allergies, etc. They will also send you this telehealth consent form and will have you send it back while on the phone with you to assure its has been signed.
  5. Meeting with the practitioner:  your practitioner will send you a link (email or text) or you can click on the badge below to get to the virtual waiting room - make sure your video/audio is enabled by following the steps on the waiting room page and your  provider will then begin the conference one they have determined you are ready via message on the site.


Prices for telehealth visits (Effective January 1, 2024) are:

New Patient Consult: $400

Follow-up Visit: $200




(For Immediate Access to Catie McCulley's Virtual waiting room, click the badge below, however, be advised that without an appointment, this site is not monitored):